10 Ways to Reach Educators Online #marketing


10 Ways to Reach Educators Online

Posted in Blog, Education, Marketing on 5 October 2015

marketing to educators

One of the best ways of getting your learning product noticed by educational decision makers is by getting it into the hands of the very people who will be using it.

So if you’re looking at reaching more teachers, here are 10 ways you could can do it:

  1. Host a Twitter Event

Most educators interested or involved in edtech are on twitter. Many are active in sharing relevant links, but most are there to interact and engage. By hosting a twitter event like a weekly chat or a one-time party, you can attract a large number of teachers to your product.


  1. Don’t forget Pinterest!

According to the latest study by Pew, 1/3rd of women in the US are on Pinterest. A lot of educators love to share resources on Pinterest, so by joining the right boards, you should be able to build a network of teachers quickly.

  1. Offer Professional Development Courses

Hosting or sponsoring professional development or training courses for educators is a great way to bring your audience together while providing them with something of value. If you can also relate the training to your product, then there is a chance educators may be more willing and interested in what you have to say.

  1. Get in front of Educational Influencers

A number of educators and educational influencers review products and test them out themselves, sometimes for free. Find the influencers who appeal to your demographic and explore ways to bring your product to their attention.

  1. Share Quality Resources

Can you create a set of workbooks around your product? Can you offer free samples that can be used in classrooms? Is there kit you can put together for teachers to download and use? Quality resources are highly valued and deeply appreciated; and this tactic can help you build a teacher following if you regularly share material.

  1. Hold a Contest

With good prizes, (such as classroom supplies) you can help bring teachers to your competition. Remember, teachers are busy so try to keep it simple like a tagline for an interesting picture, or something around the subject of your product.

  1. Be Ready with your Thank you gifts

A lot of educators are interested in tech products that help them, and are very willing to share that information with their friends and colleagues. Be sure you show appreciation for that in the form of a gift or well-defined reference reward. Teachers talking to other teachers is something you need to encourage in the right way, as they will be your best product ambassadors.

  1. Create Shareable Content

Educators who are digitally active enjoy sharing general infographics, informative articles and even funny cartoons which related to their lives or subjects. Be sure your content marketing plan incorporates some of these content items to encourage more teachers to share them online.

  1. Use Instructional Standards as a talking point

For many, instructional standards (like the Common Core) are a key topic of concern. Their interest can range from classroom implementation methods all the way to how your product can help them improve their students’ performance of standardized tests. Ensure you have enough content, resources and conversations around how your product aligns with standards or supports educational efforts in implementing them.

  1. Internet Advertising

In the right place (like a popular free teaching resources website) a targeted advertising message can help bring teachers attention to your product offering. Be sure you measure conversion results with every ad you place in order to optimize over long term and keep your advertising spend under control.



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